Cutting Tools | Carbon Fibre (CFRP)

Carbon fibre panel
Cajero offer you cutting tools with long tool life, capable of drilling, slotting, or milling both large and small carbon fibre (cfrp) structures to exacting standards of tolerance and surface finish.

Carbon Fibre (CFRP) | Drilling

Drilling accurate, economic, delamination free holes in carbon fibre (cfrp) can now be achieved. We offer you multiple variants of carbide drills, diamond coated drills, and PCD tipped drills for all of your carbon fibre drilling requirements.

  1. High positional accuracy, stability, and hole quality
  2. PCD drills for carbon fibre
  3. Component material: thin or thick
  4. Hole diameters: large or small
  5. Lower tool cost per component: high tool life
  6. Lower cutting forces - helical versions
  7. PCD tipped drills use exclusive PCD laminate: higher wear resistance than sintered PCD drills
  8. Composite stack drilling capabilities: CFRP/Aluminium
  9. Your drills can be reconditioned 'as new'
  10. Reduced tool cost per component: through coolant or compressed air options

Carbon Fibre (CFRP) | Routing

Through partnership with our customers we have developed an array of unique solutions for your routing/milling of carbon fibre (cfrp), where surface finish, accuracy, and high integrity are of primary importance.

  1. Total tolerance is 0.005 mm / 0.0002" (5 micrometer)
  2. PCD routers for carbon fibre
  3. Helical and Multi-flute options
  4. Reconditioned to 'as new'
  5. Drilling option available
  6. Coolant options available

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