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Cajero Ltd | World leaders in cutting tools for your Composite & Aerospace components.

For almost 30 years we have directly facilitated the aerospace industry in building more fuel-efficient aircraft by manufacturing specialist cutting tools for the machining of composite and aerospace structures. We hope through innovation, education, and information that we can help make your targets easier to achieve, and the associated cost benefits more accessible to your customer.

Working directly with OEM's and their subcontractors has allowed us to gain visibility to the future direction of the composite and aerospace industries. Through our involvement in developing cutting tools and securing partnerships for many of today's leading projects, our specialists can advise you on the latest advances in industry.

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Over 300+ Variants of Countersinking Tools for Carbon Fibre Composites When you require maximum versatility, coupled with exceptional quality, then Cajero countersinking tools ensure your operation is performed with certainty.

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Superior Honeycomb Core Removal Successful surface / contour machining of your non-metallic (aramid, Nomex®, Kevlar®) or metallic (aluminium/aluminum) honeycomb core materials can be effortlessly achieved through Cajero's optimised cutting tool designs.

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