Accelerate your productivity with Cajero’s manufacturing strategies, real-world machining tactics and practical cost-out tips.

Let us help you skip the guesswork and begin machining optimally, as we know you’ve got targets to hit



Tap into our expertise to boost your productivity

Partner with us and we’ll create a production development programme that helps you improve your productivity, quality, and cost-out in 90 days.

  • Advance your capability ready for additional work
  • Increase your capacity to bring outsourced work home
  • Delay your next machine purchase
  • Redeploy personnel to more valuable roles


Ensure you're working at optimum capacity

When it comes to manufacturing, you don’t know what you don’t know. We’ll work with you to test, validate and enhance your machining efficiency.

  • Get the latest productivity advances tested on your composite and aerospace materials
  • Validate machining data without disrupting your production
  • Gain actionable insights to upgrade your part manufacturing


Vending that meets your logistical and supply chain needs

Looking for a tool management and vending solution that’s versatile and high capacity? We have the answer.

  • Get total, secure control of your inventory
  • Capture and interpret usage patterns to drive action
  • Configure systems to adapt to your current and future needs
  • Integrate easily into your ERP and supplier EDI systems

How an Aerospace OEM Tested Multiple Cutting Tool Vendors with MakerSolve

Cajero was asked to conduct machining tests with tools from several best-in-class manufacturers to establish the right solution for their carbon composite materials…