Who is Cajero?

We are here to help you optimise your composite machining.

Learn How To Machine Composites Productively

Since 1992, we’ve successfully helped clients cut faster, run longer, and machine with greater precision. We can teach you step-by-step how to do the same.

With more than 30 years experience in 25 countries, we know what it takes to make your composite machining performance grow quickly and effectively.

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Our team do this in three ways:

  1. We help our OEM and Tier suppliers with premium, performance focused composite cutting tools.

  2. We reduce your time to value with manufacturing strategies, machining tactics, and practical cost-out tips.

  3. We prevalidate tool performance with in-house machining tests on your materials.

What is our story?

In 1992, Cajero launched a comprehensive range of cutting tools for machining composite and aerospace materials.

As a second generation family-owned business, Cajero has been at the forefront of innovation for drills, end-mills and routers, countersinks, surfacing tools and ultrasonic knives used by machinists all over the world.

We're a compact and agile company, able to respond quickly to your changing demands.


The Cradle of Aviation

You might be interested to know why the Isle of Sheppey makes a suitable home for Cajero. It's because Sheppey claims the title 'Cradle of Aviation'.

  • The Short brothers built the UK’s first aircraft factory here in 1909, after signing a contract with the Wright brothers
  • In 1909, John Moore-Brabazon's plane achieved 50 feet of powered flight
  • He also went flying with a piglet from a local farm under his arm – the first flying pig!
  • In 1911, the predecessor to the Royal Air Force was founded here

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